Zee Companion live! on Zee TV | Starting Monday, March 3 2014

London, United Kingdom, February 19, 2014 – Zee Network Europe, the largest South Asian Entertainment Network reaching 16 million Households in UK, known for continually entertaining and engaging audiences with a unique blend of high-quality and innovative programming is proud to announce a brand new show, Zee Companion on Zee TV.  Zee is known for providing multi-cultural family entertainment through its diverse programme offerings and the 700+ million viewers worldwide across 169 countries stand testimony to this. To continue with this trend, Zee has set up a state of the art Studio with live capability in London. This is the first show to be produced in Zee London studios with a promise to strike a chord with its audience.

Zee Companion is a LIVE show by the people and for the people. Through this locally produced show, Zee is trying to connect with the viewer and become their companion. To aid this, Zee will have several Companions, who will be confidantes and friends to the viewers throughout the day. Viewers can call in live to discuss their experiences or issues faced, share any causes they are passionate about, discuss any topics that interest them and also get guidance from a panel of renowned experts.

Presented in an interesting and engaging manner, Zee Companion will be a live and interactive show on weekdays from 1.30 pm and culminate into a half hour show at 6.30 pm with a renowned guest / expert. The topics covered will range from relationships, health & wellbeing and law to social issues, careers and education and any other issue faced by the South Asian viewer. The eminent panel of experts as well as guests will help viewers find the best possible solutions. Viewers can call, email, or post on Facebook or Twitter to give their views or speak directly to the guests.

Zee Europe CEO, Mr Neeraj Dhingra said, “Zee Companion will aim to be an extension of a South Asian household and their local support system here. We will take up various social issues which affect our subscribers and try our best to find the best possible solutions while giving them an opportunity to directly speak to various illustrious guests and experts. We look forward to an active interaction with our viewers through this unique live local programme.”

Zee aims to reach out to the viewers, and for this it has chosen two affable, warm and charming Companions, Natasha Asghar and Anjali Kusre. While Natasha brings in maturity and compassion, Anjali is pumped with bubbliness and positive energy one cannot detach from.

Produced by Sandip Patel and Amrit Basran of Genlock Films, this show is being directed by Amrit. Amrit has created several notable promos for British Asian Movies – Bend it like Beckham, Slumdog Millionaire and Bride and Prejudice to name a few. He has also directed several live shows in his illustrious career.