Your Companions


Garima Kumar is a journalist and anchor in a career spanning more than 12 years. She is most famous for conducting interviews with famous Bollywood and Hollywood stars including Shah Rukh Khan, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Ranbir Kapoor and George Clooney. A familiar face covering Bollywood, Garima’s forte is to put her guests at ease and engage in fun candour, making them ‘spill the beans’ about their professional and personal lives in an interactive and engaging format.


Kanika, a Marketing & PR specialist; has worked on iconic brands like Virgin Atlantic and CNN for 8 years. Now an Entrepreneur, her venture ‘Karma Fruit’ offers finest quality Cashmere Scarves, handmade in India in her native state of Jammu & Kashmir. The business works directly with the craftsmen and celebrates Indian craftsmanship.
Passionate about women empowerment, Kanika loves to travel, meet inspiring entrepreneurs & individuals and to discover more about her culture and roots.

Sujata Joshi

Sujata is a Lawyer and a Zoologist by education and is an avid reader. She is very enthusiastic about giving Live performances and has performed lead roles in a number of Marathi theatre plays. She has also acted in Marathi TV shows & films and in her free time she loves watching non-commercial films.