Yoga expert Neil Patel described the practise of yoga as an ancient science and lifestyle that connects the soul, spirit and body, unifying the body with the natural state of being.

 Yoga is not a practise to assist solely with losing weight but rather helps the body function better and makes you healthier, fitter and stronger.

 Arti accompanied Neil in the studio to demonstrate yoga positions and specific abdominal exercises to help lose weight.

 He explained that yoga is not just for cosmetic purposes but improves with helping the function of the organs too.

 When it came to dietary recommendations to improve and assist with weight loss, Neil stated:

  1. Be realistic – going on a diet should not be a short-term goal but rather you should make a lifestyle change. Neil suggested cutting out butter/ghee from one meal. Or cut out one fried meal in the day. Do not set goals that you cannot maintain.
  2. Be mindful of when you eat – eating a huge meal for dinner means you store all of the food and take it to bed with you. Have a big breakfast, medium-sized lunch and small dinner.
  3. Be mindful of where you eat – ask restaurants to give you the low-fat version of the food you have ordered (or ask for it to be cooked in less oil), after all you are paying for it.

Neil recommended eating snacks such as apples and carrot sticks when you are feeling peckish rather than opting for chocolates and crisps. These small changes can make a big difference.

I wanted to know ‘a day in the life of Neil’ to know his exact diet and know exactly what we should be doing to stay healthy. He told me his routine:

  • Wakeup and drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach to clean his system
  • Meditate for 30minutes
  • Eats oats for breakfast with herbal tea
  • For lunch he has vegetables such as carrots and stays away from carbs
  • He then does one hour of exercise
  • For dinner he eats steamed veg

He also noted that for anyone looking to lose weight, they should also include cardiovascular exercises such as using the treadmill or hip hop yoga to really get the heart pumping.

The benefits of yoga on the mind are that it reduces stress, anxiety, indecisiveness, insomnia and connects one to their soul.