I am a huge believer in girl power! This could perhaps be due to the fact that I’m an only child and my parents have always raised me to believe that I am no less than any boy. They always taught me that as an only child life would be harder for me and in case, God forbid, anything were to ever happen to them, it would literally be just me.

They ensured that I knew how to deal with each and every scenario in life, from living alone, paying bills and dealing with sick relatives to dealing with relationships (mainly family and friends).

I am very blessed and fortunate to have parents who are educated, passionate about what they do and always have been very passionate about their own careers. Both chose to get married in their late thirties, which was a huge shock for their prospective families as it is normal for most Asians to get married in their early twenties. But my parents both wanted to be set in their careers and financially able before they had children. Both have always told me that there is nothing that I cannot do in life but sadly there are not many people who are very accepting of this fact, nor are this supportive of their children following their passion.

Today I interviewed beauty legend Shahnaz Husain, a woman who owns her own billion dollar business and has travelled the world. I was curious to know her views on female empowerment. She said that her father encouraged her to study and develop herself but she got married very young and had children. However, when she got married she wanted to get a career but like we’ve seen so many women from Jennifer Aniston to Karisma Kapoor find it very hard to juggle married life with a career.

Shahnaz mentioned and it actually broke my heart a little when she openly admitted even though she had attained numerous awards and met some amazing people including Prime Ministers, Presidents and legends from all areas of life, she said that it was “very lonely at the top.”

To become a huge name and success story, one has to make sacrifices and in Shahnaz’s case she felt that her cost of success was her family life and children. She openly admitted that it was perhaps too late now to make amends but it is certainly something that she regrets

On the other hand, she’s very proud of her accomplishments and said that all women should have the freedom to do what they like and the support from their families to follow their dreams in life. Shahnaz hoped to help disadvantaged children and work with politicians to ensure that more women across all cultures, religions and backgrounds are empowered to reach their true potential just like she was.