Immigration is probably one of the most talked about topics nowadays, especially with the elections nearing and different political parties promising different things. Also, there seems to be constant changes to the immigration laws, leading to a lot of confusion.

On today’s show I had the opportunity to chat with Mr Gurpal Oppal who is a specialist in immigration law. According to Gurpal, a family visitor visa application gets rejected for simple reasons like a lack of funds or even a sudden appearance of funds in the account. The latter makes the case a bit suspicious and the chances of rejection of the application may increase. He said that if you want to get your family here on a family visitor visa its necessary to show enough funds in the sponsors account and also in the account of the person coming here. At any time if there is a rejection of an application he said that people should not feel let down by it but they should find out the reason for the rejection and re-apply without repeating any mistakes or by submitting the correct documents depending upon the reasons for rejection. He also said that there can be a limited appeal against the decision for a visitor visa depending on the circumstances and also a human rights appeal can be made but this takes a long time around 4 to 6 months and if the visa application was for a wedding or specific date, people usually cannot wait for such a long time for the decision.

He also said that in most circumstances people have the right to appeal against any decision that they feel is not right. Most people are unaware of the right of appeal.

He also spoke about what are the requirements if you want to get your aged parents here. He said that previously it was comparatively easy to do so but now the rules have changed and actually it has become more difficult to get your aged parents here. There are a lot of conditions that need to be satisfied like the parents should have no means of support or maybe no proper medical care. If the issue is only financial support then the visa application might get rejected.

He also spoke about the minimum limit for getting your spouse or children and said that there was a case going on in the court to lower the minimum financial requirement but the people have lost the appeal and the limit remains unchanged.

He also spoke about the ILR rules like the maximum time one can stay away from the UK and still not lose the right to return when on an ILR.

A lot of people called in to discuss their problems and Gurpal gave them the best possible solutions for their questions and gave them a detailed explanation too.

As far as immigration is concerned it’s very important to keep checking what the rules are because a lot of changes to the immigration laws take place and its very important to stay up to date with the changes. Gurpal said that it’s very important to research online and get enough information before you fill out an application of any kind. He said that it is not necessary to go to a lawyer immediately but that one should try and do the application oneself if possible. However, if you are still stuck on any particular point then one should go to a reputable lawyer.