Whenever I know that I am going to be talking about immigration on the show I always think about what I should talk about this time. Obviously immigration is an ever changing topic and just recently there have been many changes to the immigration rules and I planned to cover all of them in my shows on immigration.

Today on the show I had the pleasure of talking to Shalini Bhargava about the recent changes to the right of appeal and also the changes to visitor visa applications. Shalini explained the entire process in detail about what exactly can be done if an application is refused. She said that immediately after refusal depending on if there is a right of appeal or right of administrative review that application needs to be made and if that is also refused or if the applicant is still not satisfied with the decision then he or she can go for Judicial review if they don’t have the right of appeal. In some cases like in human rights applications, asylum or if someone is going to be deported there is still the in country right of appeal. She said the difficulty with administrative review is that the application goes back to the home office itself that has made the original decision, so people are a bit worried that if it is going to the same body for review then what would the chances be of success. She said that after the administrative review is refused then people can go for judicial review. She said that a judicial review application can also be done by the applicant but she suggested that people take legal advice because a lot of case laws have to be included and the grounds have to be drafted with a more legal point of view. She said that people in practicality get stuck because they have made an application which has been refused then they have gone for administrative review but that has been refused too then they think that now the situation has changed and they have got some positive things to add but at that point they are not allowed to make any changes or additions to the original application. So eventually all the money that has been spent and all the efforts that have been taken are wasted if extra care is not taken while making the original application.

We also spoke about the visitor visa applications and shalini said that the many categories of the short term visas had been consolidated into broad categories making it easier for people to apply for the visa. She also said that people need to show certain things in the application like financial stability, social ties back home and that also show that after the visit people intend to go back to their own country by providing details of family, job etc.

Shalini also suggested that people need to do their ground work really well, get legal advice whenever possible but if not then look at their own situation properly and see what documents are needed and don’t cut corners.