Today was immigration day. Immigration is usually my most favourite topic for discussion, mainly because there are so many changes that are taking place and one has to remain absolutely up to date about the changes. It might also be one of my favourites because I love studying Law and everything about the legal system fascinates me.

The latest changes in immigration laws that have taken place have really got me thinking. The introduction of the NHS charges must be a big financial burden for the families already struggling to make a living in this country and what makes it more difficult is that the charges have to be paid upfront and will be refunded only if the application is rejected or for few other reasons but if someone just decides to go back to their home country because of a personal reason even when their permission to stay here is valid then there will be no refund of the NHS charge. So if someone is applying to extend their existing leave to remain then they too will have to pay the NHS surcharge for the entire duration of their extension. As also the removal of the right of appeal might be of great inconvenience to many.

Not just that but with the elections just around the corner people might be wondering what the outcome will be and what effect that would have on the current immigration scenario in general. That greatly depends on which political party gets elected as every one of them has an agenda related to Immigration.

Today on the show I had the pleasure of speaking to Barrister Rajiv Sharma about all the recent changes that have taken place and the effect that has had on people. He spoke about the changes to the Marriage and Civil partnership rules. He said that the notice period for marriage has been increased to 28 days during which all the details of the applicants are verified and also a notice regarding the marriage is put up and any person who has an objection to the proposed marriage is asked to come forward. The reason for the objection can be anything from the fact that the people intending to marry are already married or that they have reason to believe that the proposed marriage is a sham marriage and the couple is not in an actual relationship. If no objection is received then the marriage is allowed to take place. Rajiv also spoke about student visas and suggested that the applicant on receiving the visa needs to check that the visa granted to them is for the complete duration of the course and also check that all the details regarding the college are accurate to avoid problems in the future.

I had a great time talking to Rajiv and learning all about the recent changes and also a lot of people called in with their concerns and Rajiv provided them with the best advice about their questions.