Just today the High court made a ruling based on the case of Spain-based Sean McCarthy, a dual British and Irish national, and his Colombian wife. The couple argued she should be able to travel to the UK to see her British family without applying for a permit. A Downing Street spokesman said Prime Minister David Cameron disagreed with the ruling.

The decision stated that; The UK cannot block family members who are originally from outside Europe but now live in the EU entering the country without a visa, European judges say.

However, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which interprets EU law, backed the McCarthys, saying the UK cannot demand that family members of EU citizens resident in the EU have to have a special visa to come to the UK. It said concerns over abuse of rights and fraud did not justify the measures.

At a time when the government is trying to reduce the number of non-British citizens coming to the UK, this is an awkward ruling and has not been met with glee from the Prime Minister. On the face of it the ruling is logical, if all EU citizens have the right to come and go freely from Britain, then surely their spouses should be allowed to also.

But the government’s concern is that sham marriages to EU citizens accompanied by easy-to-obtain residence papers in some EU countries would become another back door into Britain.

Today I was joined by a well known guest on the show by lawyer Gurpal Uppal who talked about this new ruling and the implications it had on the people in the UK, the government and also people who wanted to come to the UK.

He advised the importance of always double checking one’s documents before submitting an application and NEVER EVER to lie on an application form as it could ultimately lead to a 10 year ban. He also was kind enough to clear a common misconception- a supporting letter from an MP will not guarantee a visitor visa for anyone.

So I hope that Gurpal has certainly answered some of the questions many of you have had in relation to immigration today and I wanted to wish you all a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS! J