Every week we do an Immigration show and having been off for a few weeks it was lovely to find out if there had been any profound changes to the law. Today I was joined by Adil Malik and he stated that the right to appeal had changed and would lead to more people perhaps being frustrated after their application had been denied.

He stated that the new government would bring about more changes over time so it would be wise to keep up to date with new government laws and legislations that would be introduced in the future.

We had a variety of calls in relation to immigration, a lot of people were asking about the criteria for bringing their spouse to the UK and the £18,600 threshold still stood and was unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

A few people had contacted the show prior to Adil being in the hot seat and had asked what to do if a family member or even they themselves came to the UK for a visit then fell ill/had an accident etc. Adil stated that such incidents were fairly common and not to panic. He said that if such an incident happened then it was vital to make the Home Office aware of what has happened and collect as much information as possible. Such as medical records/proof of treatment/accident to ensure that the case was looked at favourably. The last thing anyone would want is to have themselves penalised for overstaying due to an unforeseen incident. Failure to submit this evident may hinder any future visits so it is best to stay ahead and be open and honest in all circumstances and situations.

At the end of the show Adil Malik even shared some great tips with our viewers. He urged people who had made any form of application:

1)      To do it before the deadline

2)      Not to lie on their application

3)      Re-read the criteria before making the application

4)      Never overstay a visa time frame