We always do legal shows and after focusing on those people who wish to bring their family–grandparents and even parents — to the UK to live with them as they may not have anyone to take care of them in their old age back in the homeland.

I thought this week, let’s focus on those viewers who have lived in the UK for many years have children, perhaps even grandchildren but they have never bothered or got a UK passport.

What are the implications of doing this?

What benefit will this be to them?

I have met people over the years who always kept their Indian or Pakistani passport because they felt it would sever their ties with their country if they changed it. However some think that it’s great to keep it in-case there is ever a problem in the UK or Europe they can move back home.

I can understand why people want to keep their old passport–No visa requirements, easier to buy land, easier to travel, gives you more rights in your home country. However it is worth mentioning that if you go to the Indian sub-continent without a British passport and something happens like a natural disaster/attack etc., you will not get solitude in the British Embassy.

Today I was joined with immigration expert Gurpal Uppal to talk about the pros and cons of doing such a task and he was honest in saying it is very common for a lot of people who have and keep dual nationalities as it allows the ease of not having to go through the hassle of getting a Visa, buying property etc. However if someone wished to stand for government then they would obviously have to surrender one of their nationalities.

Gurpal said in relation to people who wanted to bring family and friends to the UK prepare to give 4 weeks for a decision and if ever unsure about an application or information required then seek professional advice, as it may hinder an application if it is ignored or incomplete.

It is clear that there are a lot of people in the world who may be from the Indian sub continent and hold the whole “mera bharat mahan” view (which is wonderful and there is nothing wrong with patriotism), however, one needs to think that the world is changing day by day, it is imperative to think about the safety and security of your family.

So if you decide to keep a dual nationality then be sure to do your homework about what facilities are available and what is not-if ever the unforeseen was ever to happen.