Last year immigration was a hot topic:

Prime Minister David Cameron has said he hoped to get net migration below 100,000 before the election in 2015

In the year to April 2014, a total of 560,000 immigrants arrived in the UK, including 81,000 British citizens and 214,000 from other parts of the EU. An estimated 317,000 people left, including 131,000 British citizens and 83,000 other EU citizens.

The top 5 countries represented in terms of arrivals in the UK were:

  • China
  • India
  • Poland
  • United States
  • Australia

The PM promised that he would try and cut down the number of people coming into the UK and just before Christmas the Home Minister Theresa May tried to defend it but Labour and UKIP have said this is a broken promise. But in all honesty it is perhaps one of the most difficult issues that we deal with.

I think immigration is still going to be a massive issue this year. It is an election year and naturally politicians love to bash their opponents with topics that are perhaps beyond most people’s control.

On today’s show I was joined with Mohamad Asim Suleman who talked about immigration being a very difficult issue to resolve and solve. He agreed that it would continue to be an issue for the new year and something that would probably be a big topic of discussion for the next few years.

More people want to bring their spouses to the UK and settle down however the restrictions will continue to be a major factor in putting people off. Asim stated that each person who wishes to come to the UK or Europe needs to pay special attention to submitting the correct documentation. A single error can cause a lot of problems for people and can lead to applications taking a lot longer than necessary, including some individuals being banned entry when they have submitted false documentation and provided incorrect information.

He also said that another common mistake made more than he would care to share is when a person fills out an application form that is not even relevant to them. For example, when a spouse fills out a visitor visa. This leads to refusal and often causes an unnecessary delay which no one wants.

One of the biggest blunders made by people is submitting an incorrect application fee, again leading to an unnecessary delay in the application. Not only is this highly irritating and time consuming but this also leads to immense confusion for all parties involved.

In order to avoid hassles, one should ALWAYS read all the of the terms and conditions on every application form and ensure that the application and fees submitted is correct!