We often talk about legal issues and problems and once again I think I picked the short straw, much to my delight I was joined by Zee Companion regular guest Paul John, who is a regular face on the show.

The news has been packed for weeks with stories of illegal immigrants trying to make their way into the UK in the hope of a better life. The Prime Minister David Cameron has been asked to provide military help to calm the situation, however it seems as though it’s a tough battle that every politician would like to solve, but it is incredibly difficult.

More and more people would like to come to the UK through the “proper” legal channels and this surge in illegal immigration is clearly making life difficult for people With ample legal experience, our expert Paul, said that due to the surge in immigration more people were coming to the UK illegally and this was making genuine immigration rules tougher.

We had a lot of callers asking about what the procedures were to bring their elderly parents and grandparents to stay with them. Paul gently explained that now a days times were very different to what they used to be. It was a lot easier to being an elderly parent (or ones parents) earlier. He said that one could invite them for a holiday or even a short visit, but settlement is a tough case to fight. He himself admitted that in the last three years only one of his cases was a success when it came to bringing elderly parents to settle in the UK. He said each case was assessed on an individual basis and the criteria was pretty high.

He said that a number of changes had come into the Tier 2 General application process which now states that one needs to earn £35,000 plus in order to stay, which Paul said in many cases can be seen as discrimination towards some people who earn an honest living and work hard, but their salary does not hit that threshold.

We spoke about the Entrepreneur visa and what one would need if they had the desire to come to the UK for business purposes. Paul suggested the following requirements, which had to be fulfilled.

  • Apply from one(s) home country
  • Have £200,000 to invest
  • Be willing to employ local people
  • Proof of 3 months sufficient accommodation-A letter would be enough

It seems fair to claim that regardless of tough requirements people from all across the world still see the UK as a lucrative place to work and settle it’s just vital for a smooth sailing trip personal or professional for a person to ensure all of the proper paperwork was completed and the terms and conditions of their visa were met.