I’ve been hearing a lot about immigration in the news for the last few weeks. Everyday I’m hearing about people losing their lives and doing really dangerous things to make their way into the UK for a better life. Only a few days ago I heard about the tragic story of a man who hid in the wheel compartment of a plane flying from South Africa to London and fell to his death before the plane landed at Heathrow.

So many people are desperate to come to the UK that they are spending their life savings to come illegally and in some horrible conditions. This morning two men snuck into a coach filled with children who were on a school trip in France.

Today I was joined by legal expert Paul John who highlighted that people who were in the UK and had been illegal should apply for a stay legally. He mentioned that each case was different and there may be a chance the application may get refused, however, one could still submit their forms and appeal. A lot of people called on the show and were wanting to know if they were illegal what they could do to become British. Paul mentioned that it may not be an easy process as each case would be different.

Paul also stressed on the importance of ensuring one’s application is properly done as a lot of people’s applications are refused on small silly things. Paul mentioned one of the most common mistakes was using an old photograph. He said a lot of people used pictures they had used for their passport 5-10 years ago and the Home Office was not foolish. If a picture had been used before then you could not use it again for another application. So he urged people to ensure that the picture they submit was not older than one month from the time the application was filled out.

A lot of the callers wanted to enquire about bringing their parents to the UK and Paul said that for a visit the process is pretty simple and does not take too much time. However, if a person wished to bring an elderly relative from the Indian sub-continent then it would be more difficult, as there has been a crack down on the number of elderly people being able to settle down in the UK.

But he did talk about people who wished to come to the UK to set up or start their own business through the entrepreneur visa scheme a person would need to show they have £2million to be granted a visa which would allow them to come to the UK and invest in business ventures without any issues arising in relation to their immigration status.