According to the Guardian 20% of marriages in the UK are sham marriages. I find it shocking how some people can destroy the sanctity of marriage and marry someone for a piece of paper or a “lal kitaab” (red book) as I refer it as with my family.

 I understand and accept that there are some people who are escaping some really dire circumstances from their country of origin, however, it really burns my blood when “some” people take it to another level and pay someone money to get married in the hope of obtaining a British passport and taking advantage of government benefits in the UK.

It know it may sound harsh and I am all for paying taxes and paying for the NHS, roads and for those people who GENUINELY need benefits, however, I do have a massive personal issue with those who use and abuse the system.

I read a research paper put together by the government on Sham marriages and I was stunned to read that over 35,000 people in UK are part of a “sham marriage.”

Today I was joined by Barrister Rajiv Sharma who has experience as an advocate specialising in Immigration and Asylum Law. I was curious to know what exactly is “asylum” who were asylum seekers? What benefits would people get from getting asylum? More importantly why would some people fake such a serious reason for not being able to go back to their own country of origin?

Rajiv said that immigration was a growing issue and that sham marriages were a big problem and were still growing. Even though the government was doing a lot to crack down on this illegal activity, people were still doing it and he warned viewers about the repercussions of doing it and getting caught. It is seriously not worth it!

He stated that people who were coming to the UK and seeking asylum would have to pay out of their own pockets to get legal representation if faced in any problem as in many categories legal aid has been abolished.

Rajiv also defined the “types” of asylum offered to people who really needed it and stated that asylum would not stop.

It seems reasonable to claim after speaking to Rajiv in detail about this topic that immigration will always be an issue of discussion and after talking about “sham marriages” and “marriages of convenience” if there is one thing I would say, it would be: “don’t do it, it is not worth ruining your status and getting deported.”