It is always nice to have aspirational sportsmen and women on the show who talk about their journey into the game and their eventual success as a champion. In the first part of the show I was joined by Tae Kwon Do champion Rana Singh, who is not only the European champion but also the Gold Winner and World Champion of Tae Kwon Do.

He openly spoke about starting the sport in his older years with the support of his father and began competing in the eighties and nineties. He spoke of some of the hurdles he faced due to the colour of his skin and how that inspired him to carry on. Even after having a family and setting up a chain of restaurants to earn a living alongside his passion, Rana alongside the support of his fitness pro son opened a gym. This gave him the opportunity to combine his passion, train and also teach other people his craft.

Rana said that his success was due to his father’s faith and support in him and he encouraged more people who were interested in sport to follow their passion and consider making it a career.

In the second half of the show I met Pool champion Raj Hundal. British born, Raj Hundal is one of the greatest players from the world of pool. At the age of twenty-three, Raj became the World Pool Masters Champion in 2005. Off the table Raj won the “Most Up and Coming Sports Personality of the Year 2010” and was nominated for British Sports Personality in 2011, at the British Asian Sports Awards.

Raj spoke about how he began playing pool when he should have been at School and went pro at the tender age of seventeen. He got a taste of the game when he was interviewed by a news channel and the rest became history. His Father also supported his passion for the game and gave him the great advice “Don’t go and be good at something.. Go and be great at it.”

Speaking about his game Raj said that he never feared any opponent and was looking forward to having a game with legendary pool player Ronnie O’Sullivan. When we talked about encouraging others in the sport, he said that even though cricket was incredibly popular amongst most young Asian men, pool was becoming popular particularly amongst women whom he felt had better coverage than men!

Raj said that in the future he would like to set up a youth centre where he would be able to help and train young men and women with a passion for the game. However he did state that it was important to have a back-up plan as one could not simply sustain a living and raise a family on playing pro.

Regardless of both of their individual sports the one constant message whilst interviewing both sportsmen today was that, you should never let anyone or even your age make you feel that you cannot achieve what you want in life.