2 March 2015, London: Zee Companion, the only South Asian TV show that brings to its viewers exclusive Live & local content and shot at Zee London Studio has roped in two new hosts, the charming Sujata Joshi and the charismatic Anila Dhami.

Sujata is a Lawyer (LLB) and a Zoologist (BSc Zoology) by education and is an avid reader as well. She is very enthusiastic about performing live and from a young age has been performing lead roles in Marathi theatre plays such as Eka Lagnachi Goshta, Jaadu Teri Nazar, Jawai Majha Bhala, Aaaltoon Paltoon, Barrister, Meter Down and Microwave Chakhna. She has also acted in Marathi TV shows such as Asambhav, Shubhamkaroti, Saheb, Ek Mohor Abol, Tujha Majha Jamena, Lakshami V/s Saraswati & Fu Bai Fu and films Sade Made Teen and Madhyamwarga.

Anila has a Masters in Philosophy and Literature, and has always aimed to educate, inform and inspire people in whatever way she can. She is passionate about furthering the evolution of humanity; in humanitarian issues; and in advocating women’s rights. Before joining Zee TV, Anila freelanced for TV, radio, print, and online. Her philosophy is that life is a journey and with every road and turn there is a lesson to be learnt. She has previously worked on various assignments with BBC, ITV, London Live and Asian Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine.

With such varied and appealing personalities as hosts of Zee Companion, viewers are sure to strike a chord and connect with them. Zee Companion will also be celebrating the successful completion of one year on 5 March and there will be an exciting line-up of topics and guests on the show.