We all want beautiful and glowing skin during the summer but don’t always know what to do to when it comes to skincare.

I was joined in the studio by one of the most respected authorities for holistic beauty and wellbeing in the UK, Bharti Vyas.

With the weather transitioning between winter-spring-summer, our skin is affected by the environment. Bharti explained that during the winter, we wrap up warm and have layers on our skin, but during the summer our skin is exposed to the sunlight.

The sun can have damaging effects on the skin. If your skin is overly-exposed to the sun, it can cause early ageing and wrinkles. Bharti urged viewers to wear SPF to protect your skin from the sunrays. For anybody not lying in the sun, SPF15 is sufficient. For anybody lying in the sun or exposed to it, you will need to apply a higher factor. She also stated that you must reapply SPF factor creams as it comes off when you sweat.

A common problem people face during the summer when it comes to their skin is eczema. This is because the skin is raw in this area, and the sun hits the skin. This part of the skin is a playground for the sunrays to breed on the skin.

Bharti advised making your own skin polisher using the ingredients in your kitchen cupboards:

  • 2 tbsp oatmeal / ground porridge
  • Almond oil / if you have eczema use olive oil not almond oil

Mix the two together to make a paste. You are recommended to apply this softly on your face twice a day and on scrub it deeply on your body while in the bath as it is messy!

A polisher gets rid of dead skin cells, increases your circulation, and tones the skin up. Bharti advised doing it in the morning, to remove dead skin cells after your night’s sleep, and before you go to bed.

According to Bharti, you should have a skin regime, such as cleanse, tone and moisturize, twice a day. Any circular movement on the skin increases circulation in the skin and ultimately benefits it.

Many people phoned in with skin-related questions:

  • Pigmentation – Bharti said this could be due to hormone changes and requires clinical treatment. However, to reduce pigmentation you can try polishing your skin regularly to increase circulation
  • Facial / Body hair – Bharti suggested getting laser treatment which has been proven clinically safe for the skin
  • Dark circles – there is no cure but you can increase the circulation to reduce them by massaging cream around your eyes with your ring finger.

And how exactly do we make our skin glow for the summer? Bharti recommended a face mask that you can make from the ingredients in your kitchen:

  • 1 tbsp gram flour
  • If you have dry skin, add some cream to make it watery
  • Add some honey
  • Add a pinch of salt

Apply this to the face and neck area and your hands – as your hands give your age away more than your face does. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes, and then apply a face cloth that has been soaked in warm water to your face. This will loosen the mask for you then to wash it off rather than peeling it.

Bharti also recommended applying coconut oil to areas such as the face and hair and eating coconut oil can whiten your teeth!

Although all of this advice and these remedies can improve your skin, you also need to focus on what is happening inside your body.

Bharti’s philosophy is “beauty on the outside begins on the inside”.

So drink plenty of water, stay calm and do not stress as stress creates havoc for the skin, and eat lots of fruit. Skincare and caring for your inner body will ensure you are healthy on the inside and glow on the outside.