Born to  parents from a generation that was caught the in the wave of optimism of a newly Independent India, but confronted by the harsh realities of being refugees from their homeland (now Pakistan) Shekhar often attributes his essentially nomadic lifestyle to a never-ending search for his roots he inherited from his parents. Questioning the structured existence of his early years spent as a professional Accountant, Management Consultant and Economist in the UK, he set off in search of a life of adventure. Since then he has been a Chat Show Host in the UK, an Actor in India, a Writer, Futurist and speaker at forums all over the world on the future of technology. He has a number of business interests in New Media, which he believes is finally encouraging the ‘democracy of information and thought’. He has also created popular comic books, animation films and characters. He is an avid climber and diver. He has also dabbled (as he calls it) in directing feature length films and a number of shorts. He is most famous for Oscar winning films like Elizabeth, Golden Age, Bandit Queen and Four Feathers. In India, he is best known for his genre’ of populist films like Masoom and Mr India. Currently his energies are focused on the environment, with Water as a passion. His new film Paani (Water in Hindi) is a peek into the near future of a Mega City where scarcity of water has led to a civil war, as water shortage is being used as a weapon of social and economic control. “I am still the little boy that looked at the night sky and cried because he could not imagine ‘forever’, but still searching”, is what Shekhar says about himself.