We all work hard and spend so much time trying to buy nice houses, cars, clothes and a better lifestyle. In this immense rat race to have the best things in life, we often forget about tomorrow and what we will do when we get to our old age.

I used to work in a bank and I won’t lie, I learnt a LOT about money! I used to spend alot of money unnecessarily on clothes, designer watches and handbags. Retirement is something that I had never really taken seriously for myself, even though I used to work in the financial sector and used to advise numerous people from all walks of life how to invest their money in various ventures and projects such as emerging markets, ISA’s, PEP’s and TESSA’s alongside long term bonds.

Many people were reluctant to invest their funds in projects that were long term, due to the recession and amount of money that would be tied up.

The majority of my clients were over 50 and this was because the majority were more concerned about their pension and savings being enough for their later years. Nowadays there are so many health conditions that require more care and finances, hence, there is a need to ensure that each person has enough to pay for any extra services such as carers, health care professionals and items a person would need to be comfortable in old age.

My Nana recently passed away and he was meticulous with his finances, even though he was 89 years old, he made sure that he had made provisions for his later years when he was in his mid-50’s. He had a work (private) pension, investments, savings and his own home. These are all things many people tend to ignore due to the busy and hectic lives we live and lifestyle we have forgotten to pay attention to the things we will need when we are old and physically unable to make money to get the things we need and want.

On today’s show I was joined by Jaz Singh and Arun Kumar from JP Global Wealth Management is based in the heart of Windsor. They discussed the importance of making arrangements for ones retirement. He suggested that we all plan for our retirement as soon as possible, and build a portfolio of properties, cash assets and savings as soon as possible. No one knows about tomorrow and it is vital to have a minimum of 10% of your entire assets readily available in liquid cash to ensure that in case of an emergency it can be readily available. Noone wants to face financial difficulty after having worked so hard one’s entire life.