It has been a while since we had a taste of Bollywood on the show and I was delighted when I found out I’d be interviewing Bollywood singing sensation Shalmali Kolgade on the show.

Not only do I love her songs such as Balam Pichkari, Pareshaan, Lat Lag gayee to name a few, I was also eager to meet her as I had she had a great personality.

Shalmili said that she was actually pushed by her Mother as a child to get into music and was constantly told to practice and do riyaaz.

She spoke of her career and I even said after seeing other interviews that she’s incredibly humble in the sense that she always says she feels that she got a lot of fame too fast and she has a “very long way to go.”

We spoke about who she’d like to work with and she said that it was her dream to work with AR Rahman, but she still had a lot to do before she got to that stage.

As a young woman she aspired to go to America, study music and progress but an opportunity came along at 10pm one night and her hit track “pareshaan” was born. She could not believe her luck when it came to the love and support she was getting from the general public and gave credit to the people she worked with on each song for the success of the song.

She has worked with ample producers including Pritam, Salim Seuliman and others, but she still continues to strive to be the best by constantly practicing and performing. She spoke about her up and coming concert and the excitement was clear on her face and the nerves of performing dance routines and also singing didn’t seem to daunt her in the slightest.

I have interviewed a lot of people on the show, especially singers and she is definitely in my top three of incredibly talented and humble artists.

She’s certainly going to go from strength to strength and I can see that her songs will soon be picturised on famous and popular ladies who hail from Bollywood.