‘It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’ – Mahatma Gandhi.

Wealth means different things to different people. With Christmas coming up, it seemed only fitting to cover a show on money and wealth, particularly when many of you may be feeling the pinch to your pockets.

Speaking to Inspirational Speaker Sidra Jafri, we common thoughts surrounding money such as ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer’ to dissect the psychology behind money and why some seem to get it in abundance while some seem to get none at all.

Sidra described money as the medium of the exchange of value. For example, if I am giving you my time, then you need to give me something in return. Money is a man-made commodity that has been developed by people have a medium of a fair means of exchange.

All sounds pretty self-explanatory so far?

But let’s get down to the psychology of it. According to Sidra, the way you think about money, and the beliefs you have formed around it, dictate whether you are inviting or shunning it from your life. When you perceive money as a living, breathing, and live energy, your relationship with money will change.

A little lost now?

A fantastic example Sidra gave to put this in context goes like this:

Imagine you have a friend. You call that friend a snob who is greedy and stuck-up, when you are talking about them to somebody else. Imagine if that friend heard what you were saying about them. They would no longer be your friend right? The same dynamics work with money. If money hears you saying bad things about it, it will not want to be your friend.

Sidra urged that you realise that money is listening and begin to question how you can start a relationship with money.

The first thing to do is to become aware of the thoughts you have around money. Maybe you have always said ‘I want to be rich’. But subconsciously* you are sabotaging the means by which you become rich because of the beliefs you have formed about money in your childhood or from society.

Ask: where is this belief coming from?

You may be working extremely hard but then get a parking ticket. Delve inside to find where the sabotage lies. Who has the same beliefs in your family? Because everything is energy, according to Sidra, and something I too believe, you absorb the vibrations around you including the language you are hearing. So if somebody in your childhood spoke badly of money, you will have absorbed these currents.

You can change this by making a different decision.

Sidra emphasised that although these thoughts may be penetrated into your subconscious, you can change them by making different decisions and having different thoughts.


Sidra and I went through some common thoughts people have about money:

COMMON THOUGHT 1: “I don’t have enough money”

Recognise that we are always in abundance. The universe provides us with air, water, light and everything else we need to survive and we are always in abundance of it. If you focus on what you are lacking, you will receive lack.

Sidra gave another great example to really put this into context:

Imagine typing the word ‘Chicago’ into a search engine. The search engine will bring up everything to do with the term ‘Chicago’, because that is what you have asked it to focus on. That does not mean that that search engine does not know more than what it has shown you. This is like your mind – it knows more, but will focus on what you have asked it to focus on.

Focus on what you do have and ask – what does money do for you already? What has it brought for you already?

COMMON THOUGHT 2: “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”

This can be explained through energy and the law of vibration and attraction. Because everything resonates on a certain frequency, according to Sidra, you will attract what you are resonating. The same goes for luck, as Sidra explained to one of our viewers that called in. ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get’. Luck depends on your own energy and who you are as a person.

Abundance is a certain frequency, so whatever you are emanating you will attract.

COMMON THOUGHT 3: “he/she makes more than I do”

This thought is about jealousy and competition. People buy things to impress people they don’t like with the money they don’t have. Instead of focusing on what others have, focus on your own journey. Also, somebody may have a top car, lots of money, and generally seem wealthy on the outside, but may not be able to sleep at night due to anxiety. We never know what someone else is going through.


The famous line said by the Trotters in the TV sitcom ‘Only Fools and Horses’ coined the hilarious tagline ‘one day, Rodney, we’ll be millionaires’.

Some people do become millionaires. They may win the lottery, change course in their job or work hard and make their millions. But then they may end up losing everything. Why does this happen?

Sidra explains that when you acquire more money than you’ve ever had before, your identity inevitably changes. Your social thumbprint changes. Take, for instance, your living space. If you are currently living in a two-bed apartment and win the lottery, chances are you’ll move to somewhere more spacious. Money changes your identity and some people are not ready for that.

To ensure you are ready, look within yourself and be happy with yourself regardless of your financial and monetary situation.

On this note, we spoke to one caller who explained that she had acquired money through working hard and had not changed but her friends felt that she had. Sidra put it like this:

Imagine two men are walking past a building. One man is a normal man. One man is an investor in properties. The normal man will look at the building and see nothing more than it being a building. The property investor will look at the building in terms of investments.

This anecdote explains how your thinking changes when you are doing new things; those new things being the reason you have acquired more money than your friends.

So you do inevitably change, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Some people think you cannot have money and be good-hearted. They think there is a choice between the two. But you can have both. Money is not greedy or kind. People have ethics not money. Stop seeing money through your emotions and start seeing it as it is.

Sidra left us with some final thoughts on money and wealth:

“Wealth is your present. It is the right here right now. Nothing else matters.” It is about being in the present and giving 100% to that present because you cannot ask for anymore from yourself.

Top Tips: befriend, respect, and appreciate money and thank money for all it has given you.

And as this was our last show together for 2015, I asked Sidra for some advice for all of you ahead of the New Year:

“Learn to release the past, live the present and create the future”.

I cannot wait to continue our inspirational shows with Sidra in the New Year and wish all of you an amazing start to 2016!


*this is a term used by Sidra and does not represent my beliefs of an ‘unconscious’ mind as opposed to the ‘subconscious’ mind.