Raja Kaasheff or Raja Kashif is a United Kingdom-based Asian singer/music director equally known in India, Pakistan and Urdu/Hindi-speaking diaspora around the world. He learned music under the guidance of music director Ravi and the Sham-Churasi, Gharana (meaning family). His films include Do BadanChaudhavin Ka ChandHamraazGumrah, and Nikah. Kaasheff has had three albums released in the UK so far: Pyar Kar LayYaar Tera Sharmana, and Haseen Raatein.

Rubayyat Jahan is a Bangladeshi-born British singer. In 2010, Jahan reached the final round of Brit Asia TV’s Asian Superstars. Jahan met Raja Kaasheff at a music festival and, in February 2013, they formed a musical partnership. They have collaborated on songs such as “Meri Pardesi Babu”, “Srabone”, “Koh Jaon” and “Sathe Robe Tumi”. They have performed live music together in UK and abroad. In 2015, she worked with Bangladeshi actor and model Amaan Reza on a music video. Jahan is signed to Movie Box, writes and sings songs in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and English and has performed in many cities around the world.