Rachael became involved with the school in 2006 when she took a trip to Hyderabad to visit Tom Holloway. Since then Rachel has had the fire in her belly to help in a small way to right the wrong of the huge disparity between the wealth of India and the reality of living in the slums of one of the richest countries on earth. Since 2006 Rachel has been involved through fundraising and supporting the work of the MS Foundation that is done at ground roots level. Rachel has been and taught at the school a number of times. The huge gulf between the wealth of India and the way in which the money is disseminated down to those who actually need it is a huge sadness that Rachel campaigns to right, through her small way she hopes to help.

Rachel is Assistant Facilities Manager at Fountain Television Studios, the largest independent television studios in the UK. Having gained a first in music from Chichester she continues the music by teaching cello, piano and singing as well as singing at St Martin-in-the-fields. She is also the Chair of the Brent Culture Sport and Learning forum which promotes accessibility of sports, art and culture.