Having graduated from City University London, Priya has been continually dedicated to successfully treating patients in a primary care setting in Surrey. She strongly believes in keeping up to date with post graduate education; this most recently has led to her being accredited a Dry Eye Specialist, a field which she has a keen interest in. Dry eye syndrome affects nearly 5 million Britons over the age of 45, common symptoms include red, gritty, sore, itchy and watery eyes. The forte of health care professionals like Priya involve providing vision care, ranging from sight testing and correction (spectacles & contact lenses) based on an accurate diagnoses; as well as treatment and management of ocular abnormalities. She feels Optometrists play a key role in raising awareness and educating patients on how it is best to maintain optimum health of the eyes. Statistically in the UK one hundred people daily start losing their sight, yet more than half of these cases can be prevented by regular visits to your optometrist as a preventive method.