Preya Dhanecha has a BSc (Sport Science with Business Studies) and a MSc (Sports and Exercise Science). She is a Senior Pastoral Support Manager; Safeguarding Officer (School Position) and an amateur Boxing Coach. In the past, she has been a Personal Trainer/Gym Manager and a Lecturer in Sports Sciences and Personal Training. She has been named the National Champion in Amateur Boxing twice. Her other hobbies include boxing, playing the violin and writing.

 Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Arts & Culture Awareness at the 2014 British Indian Awards, author and novelist Saurav Dutt has written a number of acclaimed books which have been showcased at international book events such as the London and Frankfurt book fairs, BookExpo America and the LA Times Books Festival. His latest book ‘The Butterfly Room’ describes the struggles of survivors of domestic violence & abuse within Indian and Asian families as well as LGBT discrimination and homophobia. Proceeds raised from the project benefit several leading charities and outreach organisations. As well as a writer, Saurav is an independent journalist having authored copy for The Guardian, The Independent and the Mail on Sunday. He is also an award winning independent film producer, screenwriter and playwright.