I have never really known what Pilates is, and even when I tried a class, I kept thinking, what’s the point of this? I wasn’t sweating, I hardly felt like I was moving and it seemed very airy fairy! Until I woke up the next morning and could not move most of my body! Yes, the micro-movements and focusing-on-one-area-at-a-time exercises had worked me out more than I had realised and I absolutely felt it the next day. And it made me think, how could something so simple be so powerful?

Interestingly enough, shortly after taking the class, I started to notice Pilates everywhere. I overheard conversations on the tube, I saw people going into Pilates classes at the gym, I heard personal trainers talking about it with their clients and I even read about celebrities endorsing it in magazines!  Clearly it was more of a thing that I had first thought.

But what really stuck out was when I read a magazine article talking about Pippa Middleton who said that Pilates helped her get all toned up for her sister Kate’s April 2011 marriage to Prince William. And so much so that apparently it caused a world-wide stir with many people coveting her beautiful figure! Now I knew I had to investigate and this is how Pilates claims it can help you lose weight:

  •     More Muscles = More Calories Burned

Creating muscle mass is one of the best ways to increase your calorie-burning potential and Pilates provides variety and challenges muscles in a different way – this I can certainly vouch for and I found it even more effective than my usual free-weights workout.

  •     Looking Thinner because of good posture

One of the best ways to look and feel thinner is to have good posture. Not only will toned spinal muscles help you continue to lose weight via increased metabolism, standing up straight will automatically make you look thinner, thereby increasing your confidence as well.

  •     Crafting Your Core

Pilates teaches you how to use their abdominals correctly—how to contract the abdominal wall rather than let it distend. This simple technique can be used 24/7 in your daily life. That is the single reason that Pilates flattens abs so quickly! But it does take some time to remember to keep doing it, so don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get it right away.

  •     Kitchen Inspiration

Increased body awareness will make you less likely to indulge in unhealthy habits (I have yet to experience this one, so sadly discipline is still the order of the day!).

  •     Complete with Cardio

Combining the strength training benefits of Pilates and a consistent cardio workout, you’ll lose weight and tone up nearly twice as fast as just doing either routine on its own.