We all live busy and hectic lives and often due to this we experience problems in our body that at times can be cured simply through medicine, but sometimes we need more help and support when the injury leaves behind niggling issues. At such times alternative practices such as physiotherapy prove to be useful.

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic health profession that assists people with injuries, pain, stiffness, weakness, and other movement problems. Physiotherapists are university trained and are experts in injury diagnosis, injury treatment, exercise prescription, injury prevention, rehabilitation and many other areas of sport and musculoskeletal health and fitness.

Physiotherapists also have the expertise to assess the underlying causes of musculoskeletal injuries and provide effective, evidence-based treatment so you can resume your normal lifestyle as soon as possible with the least likelihood of recurrence.

A few years ago I was involved in a really horrendous car accident. I had lost a lot of blood and experienced some spinal damage. Having taken countless pain killers to relieve the pain nothing seemed to be work. I could not sit without being in pain and I could not stand for long intervals as my back would start hurting. The worst was when I was trying to sleep, however, as I would wince with pain each time I turned over.

After seeing my suffering, my parents suggested that I try a physiotherapist. I had never needed one and was rather sceptical. The first time I went to him I honestly felt like he was breaking my back as I heard, snaps, cracks and pops in my spine as he applied pressure onto the areas which really hurt and I called my Dad crying on the phone, swearing that I would never go back again.

Then after a two-week break, I went to another Physiotherapist closer to home. The physiotherapist looked amazed at how someone with my injuries had made such incredible progress. I was actually stunned and it turned out that the initial physiotherapist, who I had cursed to death, had actually snapped a lot of elements back into place.

After another 6 sessions I was as good as new.

Having experienced physiotherapy I am a huge advocate of it as a form of treatment. I know it cannot cure all conditions, however it can certainly relieve pain and help people for a number of issues such as stiff necks, bad posture etc.

If you saw the show today you will be aware that it’s important to make sure that your physiotherapist is regulated and takes the time to analyse your condition and treats you in a comfortable manner.