Did you know that at one time, doctors openly acknowledged the connection between our mental and physical health? Until the 1800s, most believed that emotions were linked to disease and advised patients to visit spas or seaside resorts when they were ill. Gradually emotions fell to the wayside as other causes of illness, such as bacteria or toxins, emerged, and new treatments such as antibiotics cured illness after illness.

More recently, scientists have been rediscovering the links between stress and health. Today, we accept that there is a powerful mind-body connection through which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect our health.

World renowned best-selling spiritual author, Louise Hay, wrote a book called You Can Heal Your Life, where she presents a dictionary that correlates a physical ailment with an emotional cause, along with affirmations that can invoke healing. That’s pretty precise! But it only reflects the intelligence of our bodies and minds.

On Zee Companion, I talked to awakening facilitator, Sidra Jafri, who explained that our bodies store our thoughts and emotions very logically. For example, she said that someone who is suffering from heart trouble may have had their heart broken or have lost the feeling of joy around life. Louise Hay describes arthritis as a refusal to change and holding onto stubborn thoughts. Feet problems could relate to the fear of moving forwards.

Now I appreciate that this may seem far out for some of you. We are not explicitly taught about the mind body connection. Our education systems treat them very separately so we too have been conditioned to believe the same. Yet our bodies do not lie and there is quite a simple way to test this.

Imagine something that happened to you in the past that was upsetting or painful. As you recall the memory notice what happens in your body. What sensations appear? Do you notice any tension, constriction or nausea? This is your body reacting to your mind and the connection is very real.

So how can knowing this help us? Sidra explains that because everything is energy as is proven by quantum mechanics, nothing is solid or permanent. And our painful memories from the past, if not processed and released, are stored in our cells. Over a period of time this accumulation of emotional hurt leads to physical ailments. Because this happens over a long period of time we often don’t make the connection between it and our emotional trauma. But our bodies do and the result is illness and disease.

But there is good news so please don’t lose hope! The fact that everything is energy means we can release these stored negative emotions and change our physical experience. And it starts with becoming conscious and aware of what is coming up for you in your body and asking powerful questions that help you release it.

I won’t go into how to release because there is a wealth of information out there and you’ll want to find a process or technique that resonates with you. My intention is to raise your awareness of the intelligence that resides within you so that you may feel inspired to awaken and recognise your own power to heal. Your mind body connection won’t let you down. Please use it.