When I grow old and wrinkly I hope to not have to worry about how to live and be constrained from living, eating and travelling because I cannot afford it.

I NEED to highlight that “Retirement age is not the same as State Pension age which can be between 61 and 68, depending when someone was born and if they’re male or female[1]”

Many people spend their lives working and when they get to the age of retirement which currently stands between 61-68 years of age.

A pension is a way to save money and will give you an income later in yourlife. There are lots of different types of pensions-can be confusing. So in today’s show intended to cover them for the viewers at home who are unsure about what they are legible for and also what to expect in their old age.

We often hear and read the news stories about how we will all loose our pensions and not have a state pension. As someone who is young, it is something you hardly consider. However most work places offer schemes where you and your employer can add to a pension fund, some people choose to take  out a private pension (with the help of a Financial Planner) and others decide to rely on what the state has to offer.

More and more people are investing in stocks and shares alongside buying gold,and other expensive metals and gems. What do you think is the most sensible option?

We all saw a horrible recession hit the world a few years ago and after seeing that, it is quite clear that we are not all prepared for a financial meltdown.

As someone who is young and single I am sure that last thing you worry about is your pension. There are always plenty of other things in life that can keep a person busy such as family, getting up the career ladder, getting married and even buying that home or dream car. However you should always plan for the inevitable. There is a Hindi saying ‘’Kal kya ho kiss ne jaana”. So it’s best to prepare not only for a rainy day but also your future too.