It is worth mentioning that most donated organs come from people who die while on a ventilator in an intensive care unit, after having suffered a severe brain injury. It has been noted that patients from BAME (Black and Ethnic Minority  communities) are more likely to need an organ transplant than the rest of the population as they are more susceptible to illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and certain forms of hepatitis, all of which may result in organ failure and the need for a lifesaving transplant.

Organ donation has always been a topic of tremendous debate in my house for many years, as there is a huge divide on the subject.

My Mum is a doctor and she is a huge organ donation supporter. She believes that it is important to give her bodily organs to those who really need it once she passes away. However she maintains that under no circumstances should anyone touch her eyes.

However my very squirmish father, although he is a huge advocate for freedom of opinion and expression, chooses to maintain silence on this very issue. He feels that we came onto this earth in a certain way and when we go, we should go in the way God intended.

As a result of these conflicting opinions, I seem to be stuck on the fence in this debate. I believe it is great to be able to give someone a part of you (as long as it does not affect your own health or well-being — if you are no longer in this world and your organs can give someone else a new lease of life, then why not?

However, when I see people with certain ailments due to an addiction who received a transplant and yet chose not to give up their addiction relapse and succumb to their disease I feel it was a waste of an organ. Then again, I have also seen several people who were given an organ transplant and cured of their disease.

There are a lot of religious arguments for and against organ donation. However it is ultimately your personal choice.

All the major religions in the UK support the principles of organ donation and transplantation. However, within each religion there are different schools of thought where viewpoints may differ. All the major religions accept that organ donation is an individual choice but consult with your religious adviser if you are seriously considering becoming a donor in the future.