Sometimes when travelling abroad especially with young children do you feel that invariably one of them falls sick?  And then the trip has to be cut short or sometimes the child might fall sick immediately after getting back from a trip to another country. Or even we ourselves might feel unwell at times. Many of us staying here plan to travel to our home countries once a year or probably more to meet family and when we travel to our own country we might feel that we were born in that country and lived there all our life the why would I need vaccines to keep myself safe when travelling there, but that’s not actually the case as even though we lived all our life there, if we have stayed in this country for a long duration then our body gets adapted and we might no longer be immune to the infections that are most common in that country. Of course some health issues cannot be helped but there are certain health concerns that can be avoided by taking the required vaccinations.

It is important to take vaccines not only for your own protection but also when you come back to this country then you will not be carrying any infection back with you. That is one of the reasons why several health bodies require that you take vaccinations before travelling not just to your home country but to many other countries.

Many people might be having concerns regarding the safety of the vaccines. Sometimes people have allergic reactions to the vaccines. Babies might get a slight fever or redness in the area where the injection is given and that might worry parents and they may feel that there is no need to put their child through all this pain unnecessarily. But there is a reason why the vaccinations are given — for the baby’s own protection. A little bit of pain now may avoid complicated health concerns later on in life.

Today on the show i had the pleasure of talking to Dr Sapna Sharma about vaccinations and their importance. We spoke about the different types of vaccines that are available for people of all ages and also we talked about the importance of vaccination before travelling out of the country for a prolonged period. She said that on entering the body the vaccine  produces an effect which causes the immune system of our body to jump into action and this reaction is kept as a record within the body so at the time when the actual virus affects the body it jumps into action even before the virus can cause any symptoms or any problems and avoids the disease from happening.

 She suggested that as soon as people plan a trip out of the country it’s very important to meet the practice nurse and find out about the vaccinations that need to be taken before leaving and ensure that if required then one must take it at least 6 weeks before travelling for the vaccines to be effective. Dr Sapna also mentioned that vaccines are also recommended based on the conditions in which one may be living whilst travelling and not just the place.