Last week I spoke about summer but today I wanted to discuss an issue that a lot of people especially young people suffer from. A condition that can literally destroy a person’s confidence! Today, we kicked off the show talking about acne.

I was joined by GP Dr Meena Thakur who has over 21 years of experience in her field and has a passion for elderly care. Dr Thakur mentioned that there were numerous things one could do, including eating healthier and speaking to ones GP if a person was not getting any reprieve from acne products that one can find in the supermarket.

We spoke about numerous health issues and had a variety of calls with many people asking about the ideal balanced diet. The Doctor mentioned that a healthy diet consisted of carbohydrates, proteins and also vitamins from various sources.

She did openly admit that experts always say that one needs to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, however, one should also not limit oneself to 8 glasses or 10 glasses because that is what they have been told. Personally I am not a big fan of water and hate the stuff, as for me its tasteless and a bit boring, so she suggested flavoured water was fine-As long as it was in moderation.

We had one caller who had just had a baby and was worried about the amount of hair loss she was experiencing. Another caller asked in tears about hair loss for her grand daughter who was still at School and noticing clumps of hair coming off her head after she had slept in bed. Dr Thakur advised her to seek advice from the GP and trying various oils that may be of use as it could be seen in some cases to stimulate the follicles.

It is clear after having done numerous health shows that many medical experts are very careful in answering questions and it is of utmost importance that one provides all the relevant details and history whilst seeking a consult.