We all know that summer is right round the corner and during summer we tend to take some time out not only for a holiday but also to take care of ourselves. Most health and beauty experts say that you should take care of yourself 365 days a year and that isn’t wrong. But with fast-paced lifestyles, stressful jobs and family pressures it can be hard to put your needs before everyone else’s.

I also discussed with Dr Sapna Sharma about the benefit of taking vitamins. She said that they had numerous benefits and that it was a good idea to speak to a pharmacist or one’s GP to figure out which ones would be beneficial to a person’s needs. Especially if a person was on medication, sometimes taking vitamins with certain medications can wipe out the positive benefits of taking them so it was always worth reading the leaflet that comes with medicines to make sure it is effective or not?

She also spoke about the effectiveness of Vitamin D that we can all benefit from as it comes from the sun. She did state that we did not need to spend hours and hours in the sun frying ourselves, but short intervals in the sun would be beneficial to everyone regardless of their age and background.

Dr Sharma received an array of phone calls, perhaps one of the most interesting was from a viewer whose husband had a heart problem and she wanted to know what to do, and what were the signs of a heart attack. Dr Sharma stated that often people who are having a heart attack experience chest pains, sweating, pain in their left arm (but it can happen in the right too!) One of the most important points Dr Sharma stated was that many people when having a heart attack delay in calling 999. She said that there were no prizes for delaying calling the emergency services and it was vital for family to call the number if the symptoms last for longer than 5 minutes.

The callers continued to ask a variety of questions from women losing their hair after pregnancy to the importance of keeping their strength up after having gone through the physical exhaustion of delivery.

So it seems fair to say that we should all ensure that we keep our health in check. It is something we should do all year round