As someone who is young and quite carefree when it comes to life and health (you can look at my body size and figure that out for yourself), blood pressure is something that I have never really bothered about.

However, when I used to work in the Banking industry and worked crazy hours that literally gave me any time – I had about two hours to go home and shower and sleep then get back to work, blood pressure was never something I thought would affect me.

3 Common Misconceptions About High Blood Pressure:

1. High Blood Pressure Isn’t a Big Deal
2. High Blood Pressure Can’t Be Prevented
3. It’s OK As Long As One Number Is Normal

I always thought high blood pressure was something much older people experienced or maybe women who gave birth (whilst giving birth) would experience. But one day I fainted whilst at the gym (yes, I actually used to be a regular gym bunny once upon a time). I was doing a class and all of a sudden passed out in true style and then it happened when I went to see my elderly next door neighbour a few days later. The look on the poor dears face was something I don’t think I will ever forget-especially as I was meant to be her in case of emergency person!

All my life my body temperature has been quite cold, even if the central heating is on full blast then I will more than likely be cold upon touch. So this was nothing that ever surprised me, but that with dehydration at the gym were just some of the symptoms that concluded that I had low blood pressure. It’s not something that scared or worried me.

When went to see my GP, he told me that I had really low BP and that I was not really taking care of myself. After that my Mum started screaming that I must drink more water (something I’m admittedly rubbish at doing) and taking multi vitamins, another task that drives me mad. But thankfully I think I’m fine.

There are so many people from various backgrounds who suffer from high blood pressure due to various reasons –some due to stress or other health conditions and some even get it as a side effect from taking medication for another medical issue. Even my Mother has had high blood pressure for the past few years – something she struggles with every day. The stresses of a high pressured job got to her and she tried several remedies and medications to try and control the problem.

On today’s show I was joined by Dr Nasreen Razaaq who said that in relation to blood pressure issues one should have a well balanced diet. Dr Razaaq’s passion was women’s issues and we talked about various issues like Polycystic ovaries, overactive and underactive thyroids, pregnancy and post pregnancy care. She also stated that there was no need to feel embarrassed about discussing any issue with ones GP. After all, they are there to help and even if you are shy about discussing certain things one can get medication to control the problem.