Wow what can I say? I do not even know where to begin. It’s been one year of Zee Companion and I honestly don’t know how time has flown by?

It feels like only yesterday that I came for my audition at Zee TV and was signed on to do the show. When we kicked off we had no idea what the show and future would entail for us, but it’s truly been a blast.

Over the last year I have done so many memorable shows, my favourite would perhaps be our 100th episode when we invited our loyal viewers into the studio and on the show for a LIVE interview with them.

Aside from my favourite episode I have also been blessed to interview some amazing people along the way like Jay Sean and Thara, Madhoo, Nana Patekar and Navin Kundra, to name a few. There are so many that I would probably fill up an entire page if I began listing everyone down individually.

The show has also evolved in structure – from February we stopped our five minute segments and instead increased our half hour show to a full one hour from 6-7 pm. We have also bought in two new talented Presenters Sujata and Anila, who I’m sure will be great Zee Companions!

Today to mark this very special occasion I was joined by Hollywood and Bollywood actress Lillette Dubey who talked about her journey — how there was no age restriction when it came to cinema or the stage!

Lillette spoke about everything from her passion for theatre, her new play Broad Beans on Toast to her relationship with her daughters.

I must say it was truly a magical day and it’s an unbelievable feeling to hear, see and acknowledge the great response Zee Companion has received over the last year.

But I must say that even though I am the only one who comes in front of the camera there are a LOT of people who form companion and they all deserve a massive thank you because without them the show would certainly not be on air today.