Neil Patel started teaching Yoga 25 years ago in North West London. His classes grew and he also began to teach physically challenged people. He describes his experiences in those early days as incredibly humbling but also inspiring and the reason why he fell in love with teaching yoga. Neil then went on to teach groups from all walks of life and Chi Kri Yoga was born. In more recent years, due to Neil’s love of Hip Hop and Rap, he started a new fitness craze… Chi Kri Hip Hop Yoga. It combines the essence of the more traditional forms of Hatha Yoga with cardiovascular exercise, designed to raise the heart rate, cleanse the internal organs and skin and bring about an powerful sense of well-being – all to the beats of the latest Hip Hop tracks. Neil now teaches a flagship Chi Kri Yoga class in Hatch End in North West London, trains new Chi Kri Teachers, runs retreats and continues to write a wealth of inspirational literature.