Lots of people have a great voice and aspire to become a singer. From a young age my mother always said I had a great voice, however I know she is just being ‘my mum’!  I do know today that I am tone deaf, I am like the female/solo version of Jedward! Without a doubt there are a lot of people who have a passion for singing and just like the acting industry, the music business can be highly competitive. You need to have the right look, an incredible voice, confidence, perseverance and above all else the ability to shine above the rest.

 Look at our very own Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa champion who we had on the show recently, Jasraj Joshi. There are loads of singing shows out there such as Lil Champs, X Factor and many more where people from all ages (across the globe) compete to become the best and secure a recording contract and fame that comes along with it. Now a days there are so many more opportunities to become a singer and it is clear that Social networking sites such as Youtube are a great platform for so many people. Justin Bieber/PSY/Asim Azeem have all found tremendous fame from posting their voice through a series of videos on the internet to make them an internet sensation.

 Today I was joined by 17 year old Pakistani singing sensation Asim Azeem. The press have branded him the “Justin Bieber of Pakistan” (He made a point of telling me that he would be eighteen in a few months). Asim was a delight to interview. Asim comes from a musical family background and that has really helped him a lot. Without that backing, support and training he admitted that he would have found it incredibly difficult to be where he is today.

 Since Zee Companion began we have had an array of singers on the show such as Jay Sean, Juggy D, Rita Morar, Pritam, Jasraj Joshi, Preeya Khalidas (and that’s just naming a few!) All of them said that it was never too late to get into music and learn. I do wish that I could sing and seeing the life successful singers leads can be a massive factor for people wanting to have it as a life-long career. Having spoken to a lot of people many feel that they are “too old” or don’t have the “right look” to be part of the music industry. But there are people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and social backgrounds who enter the music industry. Many say their success is based on ‘luck’, others will say on ‘talent’ but personally, I think your success is based on your ‘dedication.’ If you want to become the next Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam or even Lata Mangeshkar, nothing is impossible!