Having Tauseef Akhtar on Zee Companion was even more inspiring than I had expected because he is a man full of passion and zest, not just for music, but for life. One thing he shared that i connected with very much was the power that music has to open up our emotional centres and process events in our lives. And it makes perfect sense, since he is a disciple of the late Sri Jagjit Singh, who devoted his life to singing magnificent ghazals that spoke of his own very personal experiences.

Tauseefji emphasised the importance of connecting with the heart through the power of music and the many healing benefits that can come and so I thought I would share some of those benefits with you now:

1. Improving your brain

The effect of music on spatial-temporal reasoning has come to be known as “The Mozart Effect,” which refers to an experiment carried out in 1993 by a group of psychologists, where the researchers played music by Mozart to a group of students. The results showed an improvement in tests given to the students before and after Mozart was played (in comparison with general relaxation music and no music, both showing no improvement).

2. De-stressing

That project you have to finish by the end of the day? Getting stressed out about it will only decrease your levels of productivity, but just by putting on some music you can decrease your anxiety levels, thereby improving your productivity. It really is that easy. In the most stressful periods of the day, experts recommended that you listen to some relaxing, classical music, and this includes ghazals! This may not appeal to you straight away, but there is evidence to suggest that it has a significant effect on stress and anxiety levels.

3. Helping you train

Whether you are passing hours on the treadmill or blasting out a 20 minute hard-core bodybuilding routine, music brings a great focus to your efforts as a background soundtrack to your training life. Playing the right soundtrack to your efforts allows you to really enjoy what you are doing. Picture yourself in your own movie, climbing that un-surmountable hill, passing the levels of your detractors, proving your self-worth as you push those boundaries.

4. Helping you relax

Science has proved that soothing music increases serotonin neurotransmitters, our bodies’ “feel-good” chemicals that are linked to pleasure and reward. This is why the sounds of soft flowing rivers against the hum of temperate Japanese instruments fit in seamlessly when accompanying a spa treatment or even a home bath.

5. Improving your health

The therapeutic benefits of music are well documented and some of the case studies on the improvements music has made to the emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing of many patients make impressive reading. But you still have to look after your health in a traditional sense.