Music is one of the best ways to soothe and relax anyone. When I have a foul mood or I am disturbed about something all I need is some great music to make me feel better.

Today on the show I had the pleasure of talking to an amazing singer Shujaat Ali Khan. He started singing from the age of 7. He said that when he opened his eyes for the very first time he was surrounded by music and if he were not singing then he would not be existing either. He started learning classical music at the tender age of 5. Music is in his genes and he was always heard singing be it in the bathroom, at school, or even while eating. He has been extremely passionate about music from the very beginning.

Shujaat said that he was lucky to be born in a family with such great musical history. He said that he belongs to the ‘’Sham chaurasi’’ Gharana from the Hushairpur area of Punjab District whose roots go back to the Mughal era, Chaand Khan and Suraj Khan who were members of the court of King Akbar. He said that he got to learn under his grandfather and considers himself lucky to be born into such a great family. He said that being born into this family brings with it a lot of responsibility to carry this cultural heritage forward. He is the 12th generation of this family.

His first performance ever was at a very young age. He was 8 or 9 years old. He said that he had accompanied his grandfather to the Barsi of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan where there were a lot of people present including many prominent personalities from the music fraternity. At the end his grandfather all of a sudden asked him to sing. Shujaat said that when you are a child you feel no fear and he performed very well. He remembers singing a bandish but he was too young at that time to remember which one he sang.

Shujaat said that he loves classical music and is trained in the same but he also likes fusion especially the fusion of classical and rock. He said that there are many bands which perform the classical and rock fusion music.

Shujaat was in London for the release of his new single Jaagi mori akhiyaan which is also a type of fusion of sufi, classical and romantic music. He recorded the vocals for this song back in Pakistan but did the remaining recording here in London. He said that the atmosphere in the studio was very nice, just like close friends sitting together and making music. Shujaat composed the song too.

He also sang a song for the movie ‘’War chhod na yaar’’ with Shreya Ghoshal. He said that initially when he was asked to sing the song and when a guided track was sent to him the female part was sung by someone else. But after sending over his recording and when the entire song was completed was when he realised that the female lead singer was Shreya Ghoshal.

He also sang the song ‘’Chain kadi nahi milta’’ for the movie ‘’Amar Akbar and Tony’’ and feels that he was very lucky to get a chance to work with the very talented Richie Rich.

Zee has always been like a family to him from the very beginning. He had reached the final stages of SaReGaMa in 2009 where he said he learnt a lot and made a lot of friends. When people stay together for 6 months during the competition then they tend to become more of a family and it doesn’t remain only a competition. He also got the chance to perform in front of great singers like Asha Bhosale Suresh Wadkar and composers Kalyanji Anandji which he considers himself lucky for. He also did a few tours with the participants later on and developed a great rapport with all of them. He spoke about the tension he experienced when going up for the first time on the stage of SaReGaMaPa and the pressure of good performance especially when some other participant performs better.

He said that patience is the most important quality that is necessary for anyone to succeed. Every singer faces ups and downs in his career and has to learn to deal with them and move ahead.

I had a great time talking to him and absolutely enjoyed listening to the many songs that he sang for us in the studio.