It’s always lovely to have an entertainment day on the show where we get to showcase some incredibly talented people on the show.

Coming from Sham Chaurasi gharana (school of thoughts), Shujat inherited the special talent for music from birth. His grandfather Ustad Salamat Ali Khan is widely respected by musicians all over the world.

Shujat was one of the contestants in SaReGaMaPa in 2009 and shared his experience with us. He truly loved his time on the show and being from such a well renowned family, he stated how lucky he was to have the backing of such great people such as Gulzar Saab, who actually encouraged him to be on the show.

 It was a proud moment for Shujat when Asha Bhosle gave him praise for his voice and talents, truly a dream for any singer. It is often some special moments that often give you that extra edge to take the leap of faith and pursue one’s passions whole heartedly.

 Shujat was in London for a show which was a tribute to the Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, which was someone he really admired and appreciated throughout his life and was kind enough to share his melodious voice with our viewers at home, who really have a deep understanding and love for classical music.

 I was truly impressed by his humility and ability to sing live, which is certainly not an easy task.

After the interview, Shujat expressed how truly grateful he was to the Zee Companion audience and admired their love for his work, as he felt that many people abroad feel that his genre can be seen as out of date. But from the viewers’ response and requests, that is clearly not the case.