It’s the Christmas season! Everyone is winding down and after a lot of laughs and jokes with Bonafide yesterday we have someone who truly represents Girl Power on Boxing day!

I was thrilled to be joined by actress, model and Punjabi singer Rameet Kaur. Not only did Rameet work on a CBBC show whilst at School, she also set up her own dance group in Scotland and went on to become Miss India Scotland. After that she went on to pursue her passion in music and became a part of the Stranger Family comprising Mumzy Stranger, Junai Kaiden and Tasha Tah.

Aside from touring with the Stranger family, she released her own tracks, which have done very well in the music scene.

Rameet graduated in Performing Arts in 2014 and even though I have met and interviewed a lot of gusts on the show it is always refreshing to meet someone who is so young, passionate and enthusiastic in her craft. Everyone on the Zee Companion team actually asked me if she was a younger version of me. Her personality and charisma is truly infectious and she clearly has a voice to match.

Rameet gave us a little demo into her latest song Tere Karke and also some of the songs she had released and performed earlier in her career.

Rameet talked about the difficulties she had faced in her desire to build her singing career, specially “log kya kahenge”, a term which is pretty prevalent in her music. Rameet was very fortunate to have the support of her parents and that seems to be one of the main reasons of her success.

Aside from talking about her career and her ultimate desire to star in Punjabi films, Rameet spoke about how she spends the Christmas period with family, having a traditional roast in her home town in Scotland. A very humble and grounded way to spend the festive period for someone who has so much going on in her life.

2015 seems to be an exciting year for Rameet who has numerous projects lined up! Many women aspire to become artistes and the road is never easy, but with the right attitude and support nothing is impossible.