We get a lot of Bollywood celebrities on the show and as someone who grew up in the 90s watching Bollywood films, I’m sure you would have seen classic films such as “Aankhen” and “Mein Khiladi Tu Anari”? In that case you could hardly have missed the sweet and innocent Raageshwari who played the lead and with her youthful looks and charismatic personality!

Raageshwari forayed into television, acting as VJ for the popular countdown show BPL Oye. In a later version of the show, she also wrote her own scripts and won innumerable awards. She was given the nickname “Ragz” while working on BPL Oye with Sunil Sahjwani and his team and was an instant hit with teenagers and young kids.

Raageshwari was also passionate about music and recorded a scratch demo of the song “Ta Ta Ra Ri Ra Ra” (later the title song of her first album Duniya). She did the rounds of several music companies but faced alot of rejection from them. She and her brother Rishabh then shot the music video for the song in Maldives which became extremely popular and Raageshwari, the musician, was born. It was followed by another video, titled “Oye shava.”

In 2000, Raageshwari and her father collaborated on another album, Y2K Saal Do Hazaar. Raageshwari was suffering from malaria, while shooting for the video “Ikki chikki chikita.” The album was released with a concert on the eve of the year 2000. Just a week after the concert, Raageshwari was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, which left her with a paralysed left side of the face and a slur in her voice. Over the next year, she rehabilitated herself with help of physiotherapy, electrical stimulation and yoga. She managed to appear on reality shows, TV shows and even get married in 2014.

Rageshwari was a pleasure to meet, she spoke about her career and her passions, she got into films at a very young age, however speaks passionately about her music career, and after hearing her sing live. I know why she was such a huge success not solely in India but across the globe too.

She said, after recently having got married and settling into London she was missing India, but had adjusted to the London life with her husband, who surprisingly did not know about her levels of fame before they met but was very supportive of her desire to create more music.

Raageshwari gave some great words of advice towards the end of the show: “As women there is so much pressure to study, have a career, get married, settle down and have children but it is extremely important for every woman to take her time, not stress or take on too much pressure and be in a rush to get married.”

We did not get much time to talk about it, but Raageshwari did talk about her diagnosis of Bell’s palsy and stated that her spirituality, family and well wishers all had a huge impact on her overcoming this condition, which would be scary for anyone to deal with-especially a person who is known for talking and singing in their profession.

In the end it is fair to say that some people can go through a number of ups and downs in their life however they can always come out shining the other side and Raageshwari is proof of that.