It’s always a pleasure to speak to British Asian talent and today I was joined by Mumzy Stranger. I still remember when he came out with his first song Give me One More Dance! Since then he has simply gone on from strength to strength.

Coming from a humble background, Mumzy tolday can boast of having travelled all across the world and developing a huge fan base in the process. He has released some great songs including Get to Know ,Fly with me with Preeya Khalidas and the title track for the Bollywood film Welcome to Toonpoor. Just recently he launched his brand new track Ash Kardi  in Punjabi, quite a feat for Mumzy who is a Bengali boy! I find it stressful on occasion to switch between Hindi, Punjabi and English so am always interested to see and hear how others do it.

It was nice to speak to Mumzy about his journey into music, like most young people he enjoyed listening to it and even spoke about sneaking a keyboard into the house without his dad knowing, with his mother’s blessing. He openly said that even after all of the awards, accolades and recognition he still feels that sense of “respect” in front of his father that he does not discuss his work or profession in front of him. In fact he openly confessed that he does not even get his Dad to listen to his songs

He spoke about the highs and lows of being a British Asian artist the fact there are so many rising Artists is never a bad thing, in fact it’s seen by Mumzy as a positive. However he was open enough to say one could make a living from singing, albeit with struggles included. After all, as we all know, the media is a dog eat dog world — you can step away for 5 minutes and someone will be waiting in the wings to take your place without a shred of guilt or remorse.

He spoke about leading the stranger family, a group that was created consisting of Mumzy, Junai Kaiden, Tasha Tah and Rameet Kaur (who was on the show for our Boxing Day Special). They toured the globe together and got on like a house on fire, their chemistry was clearly visible and they released Ghetto refix a collaboration that got Mumzy kicked out of a hotel room whilst writing it in Vancouver, an incident he recalled with a lot of laughs on the show.

Mumzy spoke about the hurdles he faced along the way and was really honest about his perspective on the music industry. He could not have been clearer to those people who aspire to be the next Mumzy stranger it was important to remain 100% HUMBLE at all times. A concept that many people feel has gone out of the window as there are a lot of people out there who will do anything for their 5 minutes of fame.

But to get and receive TRUE fame one must always remain true to their style, talent and themselves.