I always enjoy having a Punjabi artist on the show and today was no different. I was joined by a Punjabi musician, who hails from a family of musicians. His grandfather Thakur Dass Wadali was a renowned vocalist and his father and uncle formed a Sufi qawwali duo, the Wadali brothers.

Lakhwinder received extensive training and guidance in classical music from his father Puran Chand Wadali.  His songs blend classical and current trends in Punjabi music. His repertoire includes renditions of Sufi Saints, romantic folk numbers, ghazals, bhajans and bhangra. Alaaps and taans are the vital aspects of his music.

Most singers develop a passion for singing and start singing through training. However Lakhwinder is very similar to Sufi Artist Satinder Sartaj as Lakhwinder has done M.A. (Master of Arts) in music and is now pursuing Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Classical music (vocal). He credits his Father as his Ustaad who nurtured his talent, trained him and supported him in his music, as his brothers and sisters were not interested in following the family lineage of singing.

I was also interested in knowing how Lakwinder found the transition from singing to acting as he has starred in the Punjabi film Akheeyan Udeekdiyan. He said that his personal experience in Punjabi films was not that great. He said that if anyone wanted to get into films they would need proper training. He spoke about his future aspirations and it was clear that he wanted to focus on his music and passion for performing across the globe. Lakhwinder said that, it was his biggest aspiration to work with the legendary A R Rahman.

Without a shadow of a doubt Lakwinder was clearly passionate about his craft and is someone who has a lot of talent and skills in various areas and I’m sure that with his incredible vocals he will continue to go from strength to strength.