Without a doubt Kumar Sanu is a legend! His songs dominated the’90s and I can confess to having bopped around to many of his songs in my bedroom as a child. I’m not a born singer, however, I grew up listening to his songs and would quite happily list some of his in my all time favourite song list.

Without a doubt he is a legendary singer, songwriter and music director who has worked with some great people over the years in the Indian film Industry. When you hear Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhen you think of just two people: SRK and Kumar Sanu. His melodious voice has captured the hearts of the masses, me included!

Like many artistes, he’s made a huge name for himself in the music industry and having sung over 800 songs in his career span (which is a pretty enormous figure when singers these days release a few albums then either retire or quit singing).

His modesty and humility were a real inspiration and it actually broke my heart a bit when he mentioned that, seasoned singers in India were not given the same amount of respect that they perhaps received amongst NRIs abroad.

Another aspect of Kumar Sanu that I found extremely endearing is his love for his children. He has a tremendous desire to give them a strong base in life. He spoke proudly of his daughters who are making their mark in the music industry — his 10-year-old daughter writes songs and his 12-year-old daughter has released some incredible songs that have received record breaking views.

On the show itself, our phone lines golt jammed! People from all across the UK and Europe queued up to speak to him and get him to sing a few lines from their favourite songs. After literally rushing from the airport, I must admit he was in tip top form and certainly did not let the viewers down.

I have to say over the last few months we have had a lot of Artists on the show, however Kumar Sanu’s personality, voice and charm-will certainly be remembered fondly.