All my friends know that I love Bollywood and entertainment! I thrive on shows with people from the industry because it is always different to find out about their experiences and views of the industry. We always hear about their reputation but it’s different to meet them in person and talk to them about their journey.

On today’s show I had the pleasure of having singer and model Kanika Kapoor!

She hit the music scene with her catchy track Jugni Ji with Dr Zeus and has since risen to fame incredibly quickly. She has released tracks such as Lovely from the film Happy New Year, Baby Doll from the Film Raagini MMS and has even toured the world with Shahrukh Khan for the SLAM tour which was a sell-out tour with the likes of Deepika Paducone, Farah Khan, Boman Irani, to name a few.

I was interested to find out how she started. Kanika told us initially her Mum was a bit shocked by her decision and it was her father who was her main support. He used to take her for music lessons and ensure that she completed it fully. Like most girls she got married  and had three beautiful children (which I was shocked to find out) because one could not believe she was the Mum of a 12 year old and two younger ones whom she fondly speaks of. She spoke about the importance of striking a work-family balance and very often she had her children on tour with her, whenever it was possible.

She spoke about making the transition from the British Asian scene after the release of Jugni Ji she received international success, she met some Producers in India who got her to sing Babydoll, she came back to the UK and after eight days of the release she was summoned back to India because the song was such a huge hit! She was clearly overwhelmed with the success but took it in her stride.

She said that like most artistes she had gone through many struggles and one of her toughest ones was waiting and waiting for her album to be launched. But being as positive as she is, she realised that when God closes one door he opens another and her career in Bollywood playback was going from strength to strength. Her songs have since been picturised on Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez and when I asked who would she like to have picturised on her voice she said Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rekha.

The viewers clearly took a shining to Kanika and her positivity and even with a sore throat she still sang for them and gave some great pointers to up and coming artists and urged those who had a dream however big or small to never give up, regardless of the circumstances.