“If you can’t find the light at the end of the tunnel, it could be because you are the light” – unknown.

We all have a daily routine. When I wake-up in the morning, the first thing I do I touch the floor and say God’s name. I do this to stay rooted to the Earth, and so that when my feet touch the floor I am beginning a new day with God’s/the universe’s ‘blessing’. The day then pans out as me basically eating, going to work, eating, and sleeping.

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to make that first initial step out of bed. It may be because you feel ill, or are experiencing grief, or are facing a difficult situation. It could be because you feel demotivated. Whatever the reason may be, it is essential to find solutions to your problems so that you can take a step towards positivity and change.

Joining me in the studio was lifestyle expert Sidra Jafri, who aimed to equip you with the tools to challenge your current mind-set, awaken your thoughts and consciousness and to help motivate you.

Sidra is an ‘awakening facilitator’ and has shaped her motivational thinking from her experience of being a student. She refers to herself as a student of life and constantly questions why we are the way we are.

Her beliefs stem from Einstein’s equation E=MC and that everything is energy and vibrations. For example, what we perceive as solid is actually energy and vibrations.

In light of our discussion surrounding motivational thinking, I wanted to know how important perception is in helping someone stay motivated.

Sidra explained that perception is extremely important and is often built upon various other perceptions. We are, she explained, shaped by religion, family, teachers and many other aspects that shape our perception and become internal and integral to the way we act, and our beliefs.

Having so many internal perceptions can be confusing! And is one of the reasons many of us cannot make a decision based upon what we truly want – because of the other voices in our heads telling us what we should or should not be doing.

Sidra agreed that multiple voices can cause confusion but it is important tothen delve inside and ask yourself what you really want. Generally, the one thing we all strive for is happiness.

For Sidra, the two key ingredients of happiness are forgiveness and gratitude. She does not mean ‘forgiveness’ in a religious sense, but rather letting go of a past that often holds us back due to regrets or resentment. Let it go.

Gratitude is also paramount, Sidra stated. We must be thankful for everything in our lives, even the negative, because life is based on contrasts. We have sun and we have rain. We have yin and we have yang. We must accept the rain in order to appreciate the sun. And accepting what is bad or negative in your life is the first step to change, as, Sidra stated, you can only change something if you accept it.

As the saying goes, ‘diamonds are made under pressure’, and as Sidra explained, our greatest strength comes from our hardest times.

Another powerful tool we all have is thought. We have the ability to think and rationalise yet we sometimes underestimate the power of thought.

If you can harness your thoughts and question ‘what am I thinking?’ you will become aware of how your mind is working and what you are attracting into your life. For thoughts tend to manifest into actions.

This is why, Sidra explained, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer; because those who are rich have found the formula to success.

At the beginning of this article, I told you may daily routine. Humans are creatures of habit and events in our lives often reoccur because of actions we repeat.

Just as failure can become a habit, so too can success! So that is good news!

Sidra left us with some top tips on how to stay motivated:

  • Cultivate successful habits as this leads to living a successful life
  • Start your day with appreciation – be thankful for being alive and seeing a new day
  • Then set out your intention – what type of day do you want to have?
  • Forgive quickly and let things go

Happy days people and stay motivated!