When I used to hear people talk about a mortgage, it felt like it was a huge burden for them that was unavoidable if you wanted to be somebody in life. I felt the pressure too as I listened and recently I found it put me off even looking into buying another apartment. I couldn’t believe I had allowed myself to be so influenced by people I didn’t know and facts I had not verified for myself.

It reminds me of when I was 15 years old, walking down the corridor in school and thinking that I was going to end up becoming a doctor just because my dad is one and there was no other choice. I resigned myself to that inevitable fate and it didn’t excite me at all. Little did I know that life would take on many interesting turns and put me on live television!

What things are going on in your experience that make you feel like you don’t have a choice? That if you could choose, you wouldn’t choose it at all? What I discovered was that I felt that way when I didn’t know the big picture, the divine plan, or for you realists out there, the facts! So I learned to be open, not assume I know it all, and educate myself on what’s really going on.

Now when I overhear these conversations about what a burden mortgages are and how cumbersome it is to have one, and wouldn’t it be nice if we never needed one, it makes me wonder whether or not they have considered the bigger picture.

Like how a mortgage could help you make (yes, make!) a lot of money. Like how you could leverage the money you make because you were able to get a mortgage in the first place to then get another mortgage on another house. And how you could become a multi-millionaire in the process if you created a property portfolio this way! Knowing this doesn’t drag me down. It excites me!

I was talking to a dear friend about a two bedroom apartment she acquired in 1998 near Canary Wharf. Her father bought it for her for around £155k and today it’s now worth at least £400k! I couldn’t help but think (and animatedly express to her!) that if he had bought three of them at that time that they would be asset millionaires today! And it wouldn’t have been a bad plan considering people are paying over £450k for a one bedroom apartment in London these days.

Endless cash reserves notwithstanding, how would we ever have the capacity to acquire such property wealth without a mortgage? Perhaps mortgages really are secret assets that we have been conditioned to view otherwise.

And this is in fact one of the secrets of the very wealthy – leveraging other people’s money. It’s legitimate, it’s smart and it works as long as you behave ethically and all parties involved gain from the co-operation.

Now that doesn’t mean to say we should disregard what a mortgage actually is – something that diminishes our bank balance on a monthly basis! So if we’re going to go for one we need to be responsible and ensure we can handle it in all regards – yes, the banks will help you decide that too! However, since you have to have a place to live and it’s an unavoidable expense, wouldn’t you rather that money went towards building an asset that makes you money and gives you security than doing all that for someone else?

I know I would.