Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry has integrated her extensive study of human behaviour with her experience and knowledge of business management and sales to provide new technologies to empower individuals and teams to improve their performance and sense of fulfilment. Working both with individuals and groups internationally, she educates, mentors and facilitates their discovery of the true meaning of Love and Gratitude, both in their personal and professional lives. Since a very young age, Manmeet has had the ability to connect and interact with all different types of people.  From being an agony aunt to friends, becoming a child with children of all ages to just being there for an elderly person. This warm approach has enabled her to work with individuals from various walks of life and inspiring them to live their true potential. Manmeet has qualifications in the areas of Business Management and Human Behaviour.  These include BA Hons in Business Management, Demartini Values Facilitation and Certified Demartini Method Facilitator. Manmeet is making a difference in lives globally as a specialist in universal laws empowering people to find the solution to their biggest problems and heal themselves physically and emotionally by teaching them to transform their perceptions, helping them to overcome their toughest life challenges. Understanding that every individual is unique and lives according to his or her own priorities, has been pivotal in Manmeet’s life mission. It has inspired her to be a reliable and supportive mentor, educating them and guiding them in their growth, as they learn more about who they are themselves and break free of the restrictions that are holding them back from living a life they love: a life that is purposeful, meaningful, inspiring and fulfilling.

Guest 2 : Helene Kempe works with individuals and groups from around the world and also conducts workshops both within companies and for the general public. Helene is inspired by facilitating people to empower themselves through becoming effective self-leaders and self-governors in order to create the life they consciously choose. Individuals around the world are discovering how to create amazing lives through their private consultations with Helene. It is in these sessions that people are discovering how to remove emotional blocks that get in the way of fulfilling their life purpose. Having trained and worked as a specialist educator for over 30 years, Helene has held successful management positions for the majority of that time.  Her leadership, management, organisational development and marketing expertise coupled with her teaching and learning experience in the creative and visual arts, provides her with a valuable skill set that enables her to ‘think outside the square’ in business. Helene is highly experienced and holds a number of qualifications in the areas of education, management and human behaviour. These include: a Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration, Diplomas in Teaching and Visual Arts, Associated Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC), Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Results Coaching, Demartini Values Facilitation and Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator. Helene worked on the leadership teams that established and developed large highly successful educational institutions including; Alexandra Hills State High School, Sheldon College and The Australian Trade College North Brisbane (formerly the Australian Technical College North Brisbane); all of which exceeded enrolment projections and developed highly regarded brands