I won’t ever forget the day when I was getting a ‘mani and pedi’ in a Los Angeles nail salon, when a big, burly, tough-looking construction worker entered the salon to do the very same thing. Without a thought, he headed straight for the open pedicure station next to me, ripped off his stinky construction boots, sat down in the chair and plopped his feet into the bubbling hot water. He was clearly a regular, as he addressed the nail technician by her first name and knew exactly what to do and where to go! Over the next hour or so, he looked completely at ease, enjoying the treatment!

I have to say, I was surprised that he had the “courage” (if that’s the right word?) to do it! But at the same time, I was very impressed because in my opinion, nothing can make a handsome man more unattractive than unkempt hands and feet!

With one fell swoop, this man debunked the stereotype that only gay or metro-sexual men indulge in this kind of experience.  And not just my stereotype, but even those perhaps of a lot of other men who were walking past the salon peering in! There are many wonderful reasons why it’s a great idea for men to do this, and I don’t believe it compromises on their masculinity. Although, none of the men in my life would be seen dead in a nail salon! So I’m on a mission to change their minds!

So why would it be a good idea for a man to walk into a nail salon?

Healthy Feet and Hands: I find it very pleasing to see men take care of their hands and feet, whichever way they choose. It makes me feel that they have good hygiene and value cleanliness. In turn they appear healthier and more attractive.
It Feels Good: Although the actual manicures and pedicures aren’t the most enjoyable experience on their own (depending on the condition of your fingers and toes!), most come with a mini-massage component which makes the experience all the more relaxing. And a relaxed man is a happy man! (and vice versa!)
Stress Release: Taking an hour or so to get a manicure and pedicure can be a nice way for a man to take some time out to relax and take his mind off some of the pressing issues he has to deal with. This is good for a healthy heart!
A Softer Touch: This one really benefits us women! Getting manicures and pedicures makes skin on the hands and feet softer, which means we actually don’t mind holding his hand

Can you think of any other reasons why men should indulge?